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First of all we will right introductory paragraph that their are many moments in our life which are unable to forget and leaves a deep impact on us for long time.but,every moment is special in our life .whether it was good or bad. so, here im going to share one moment which is un forgetable in my life.and on thinking about this moment today also i feel very happy it's close to my heart this moment remind me about my school days which r unforgetable and the times which spent with my friends in school but,know they all flew away like balloons in air those memorable days in which i did fun and masti with my classmates the moment when i was choosen the cultural encharge of my school last yr  they was a very exciting and proud moment for me as i was nominated out of many 20-30 was really a very memorable and exciting moment for me. and on that very day my friends were too happy for me because according to them i was very much deserving and i also thanked them for giving their vote in favour of me and teachers too.