Dumping of trash in a park or in the Bronx River is a crime. If you witness this activity, call 911 IMMEDIATELY to report it to the police as quickly as possible. Be sure to take license plate numbers and/or photographs of the activity if possible.

If you notice a spill on the Bronx River Please call the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Spill Hotline at 1-800-457-7362 and record the report number. Share with the Alliance as soon as possible.Call 311. The operator will connect you to the NYC Department of Environmental Protection 311 operator. Be sure to get a report number from the operator.Next contact the Bronx River Alliance at 718-430-4665 so that we can contact the Department of Environmental Conservation and other agencies, as well as maintain a record of your dilgence in protecting the river.Take photographs. In almost all spill events, photographs are the best form of documentation. As soon as possible after noticing the spill, please fill out the Spill Report Form. This form will be used as a record of what happened, what reports were made to other agencies and details of any follow up.

Call 311 to report any problems within a NYC Park.

IF YOU SEE SOMEONE SWIMMING Explain to them that it is illegal to swim in the any river within New York City and that it is dangerous to attempt it in even the most shallow sections.Call the Bronx River Alliance to report swimming activity on the river or Call Parks Central Communcation: 646-613-1200. Give all necessary information including location, number of people, description, etc.If you see someone in distress in the river, immediately call 911. Call Parks Central Communication so they are aware of the incident and aid authorities as necessary.