a)Sudha is the cleverest  student  in her class.
b)We shall drink coffee now.
c)If you run fast, you will get  a prize.
d)She ran fast to reach college in time.
e)I prefer coffee to tea.
f)Shiva congratulated krupal on his success.
g)Mamatua is suffering from fever.
h)When will you come to Hyderabad?
i)He distributed the sweets among forty students.
f)It was a blunder.
A)   Sudha is one of the clever students in her class.
b)   We shall drink coffee now.
c)   If you run fast, you will get a prize.
d)   She ran fast to reach college in time.
e)   I prefer coffee to tea.
f)    Shiva congratulated krupal on his success.
g)    Mamatua is suffering from fever.
h)    When will you come to Hyderabad?
i)     He distributed the sweets among forty students.
j)     It was a blunder.