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Try to connect the years with other. For example: 1929 - you can remember it be means of the numbers used (1,2 and 9).

Prepare a timeline of all the dates and years in your history book and learn it in perfect order so that you will be known about the events and years.

Compare the dates and years in history to your life.For example: my birthday is on i remember years like "1912" or something like that.Even this can be compared to your age or your admission number.

Some times if you need to remember the year "1814" you can also use alphabets.
1814 - ahad

Other best method is to repeat the year ans event in a rhyming manner.

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If u can't remember the perfect year, then learn it's century and decade. It'll be a lot easier. Like the date 1945 - 20th century, 4th decade.It'll fetch u marks.
After u 've learned a few dates, connect them. Like if a particular thing 'a' happened on 1865, learn an event that happened like 10 yrs later, for eg. 'b' happened in 1875. U 'll not forget the dates anymore.
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