Animals  are  of  great  importance  to  humans.They  perform  a  very  important  role  in  maintaining  the   balance  of  life.Insects  help  in  pollination.Dogs  are  used  for  giving    dog  therapy  to  people.Animals  like  lions  keep  the  population  of  animals  like  wildebeest  from  exploding.Animals  provide  us  with  food.Scientists  and  researchers  prefer  to  look  for  the  existence  of  aquatic  life  to  check  the  purity  of  a  water  body.As  human  population  expands  people  steal  the  land  of  animals.However,  nowadays  encounters   of  people  with  wild  animals  have  increased.Scientists  agree  with  the  fact  that  it  is  because  of  the  trouble  humans  have  given  them.In  some  areas  where  there  is  less  human  transport  some  animals  like donkeys,camels,horses  are  used.Deforestation,illegal  hunting  and  poaching  have  resulted  in  the  decrease  of  the  population  of  many  animals.Many  animals  have  become   extinct  and   endangered  due  to  human  activities.However  the  governments  of  many  countries  have  understood  the  dangers  we  are   giving  to  the  animals  and  have  imposed  many  laws  for  the  protection  of  wildlife. Nature  can  never  exist  without  wildlife.Some  theories  suggest  that  if  the  great  white  shark  becomes  extinct  due  to  man  made  activities  then  spineless  animals  like  the  jellyfish  would  bloom.Bees are  excellent  in  doing  pollination  .In  some  areas  where  bees  are  not  there  people  try  to  pollinate.However  they  are  never  able  to  to  the  pollination  as  well  as bees  can  do.
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Animals are important to humans because :-
- some insects help in pollination.
- Some animals like donkeys are used for carrying load.
- they are used for milk,eggs, meat etc.
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