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Representing root 10 on number line
Mark the distance 10 units from a fixed point A on the number line to obtain a point  B such that AB = 3.5 units. From B mark a distance of 1 unit and mark the new point as C. Find the mid-point of AC and mark the point as O. Draw a semicircle with centre O and radius OC. Draw a line perpendicular to AC passing through B and intersecting the semicircle. Mark this intersecting point as D . Then BD = root 10 . Now treat BC as the number line, with B as zero, C as 1 , and so on.
Draw an arc with centre B and radius BD , which intersects the number line. This point on the number line is root 10.
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We know that 3² = 9 and 4² = 16
So √10 should be between 3 and 4 in a number line.

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