All works of harappan arts ,including figurines of clay and terracotta,stone and bronze sculpture are products of skilled craftsman . The harappans practiced boat making . Seal making and making terracota articles were important crafts. The subjects portrayed on the seals and terracota figures include human beings , animals and birds . The human figurines were shown with heavy ornaments jewellery . The harappans also knew the art of bead making .
The harappans artists were great sculptors. A large number of stone images have been found . Among these, the statue of the yogi draped in a shawl worn over the left shoulder and under the right arm is well known . The bronze statue of the dancing girl is another masterpiece of art . A number of bronze figure of animals , buffalo and rams and some models of cart have been unearthed. A male figure of red sandstone was also found . These all showed that the harappans had great achievements in art and sculpture .