I think the life that my granparents lived was:
1)In a Pollution free environment.   
2)They ate no junk food but all organic food,grown naturally in the fields.
3)Lived with their family members and relatives,sharing each other's joy,sorrow,and lived in unity.
   The two Advantages of having grandparents living with me are:
1)They will stand by my side in all situations and circumstances ,even in situations when my parents have no time to spare for me,because grand parents love their grand children more than anything.
2)They can help me maintain good health as they will always discourage me from having junk food and would prefer me to have organic food.
3)They  make the environment in the house more enthusiastic and will always remain jolly and encourage others in the family also to be happy  and share each other's joy's and sorrows..
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