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Poem on tree where life of man is compared to life of a person

the life time of a tree is considered as the life lime of a man.
a person learns many bad things and good thing in his life,
the learning of bad thing of a person is like a tree having many branches and less roots,but, one day when a storm or a cyclone comes the tree doesnt has enough energy to oppose it,
the learning of good things are like a tree having less branches and many roots,it will be able to stand against all storms .
Even if all the winds of the world were to come and blow against it, they could not budge it from its

the  bearing of fruits a tree  is like  a person giving respect to the society.
if the fruit is tasty and sweet then everyone will come towards it,like that if a person gives good respect to society then everyone will come towards him like give respect and take respect

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