Is this good enough? Hope reflects the personal desire for a certain possible to occur. It’s the feeling to want or even need something to happen or take course, and knowing it might happen while uncertainty and hesitation is present thought in our minds. Hope holds many complex aspects to it which can range from something minor to something of a more long-lasting crave for a vast and significant change in our lives. In a more literal sense, hope is the belief in vague rules according to which things take place in the world. In other words, hope the faith in miraculous and surprising events, which although may not happen are expected to happen by people with hope. Sometimes, we show a tendency to over-emphasize the negative in all situations which causes us to assume that things are worse than they actually are which does nothing but consumes us. Hope, in the right situations, counterbalances this.

Hope can be seen as a state of mind. It can show us which way is the right way to go. It transcends the world that is immediately experienced, and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons. It is an ability to work and look forward to something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed. It is the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out. It gives us the strength to live and continually to try new things, even in conditions that sometimes seem without hope. Hope is much more than wishful thinking. It possesses a heart of anticipation that expects to encounter new opportunities that can assist us in achieving our goals and dreams. But hope presupposes an inherent goodness and significance underlying those hopes and dreams.

Hope is fueled by our personal experiences and stories. Hopeing in a dark time is a constant cycle of mankind. Something bad is happening and we are programed to find the good. Sometimes harder than it is said, we’re stuck waist high of doubt and sadness and to even think of the good requires too much thought and energy. Often, hope slips through our fingers and sometimes cannot be brought to us in time to take us away from the pain, it can fall short on us. Hope includes a range of emotions, such as joy, awe and excitement. But it’s not empty, tunnel-vision enthusiasm. Hope is a combination of your head and heart. It can be a feeling which transcends to meet reason and caution to form passion. Sometimes you can’t see the end, but hope tells you it’s there. And as long as you have that hope to focus on…well, then you have something to focus on. You are not completely lost within the void that surrounds you. And no matter how long it takes, hope is there to guide you to where you need to go.



If u have written this , it is absolutley spot on . brings out ur idea with clarity. is this is an assignment or something u could end or start it with a quote by some famous person to add effect like - let ur hopes not hurts shape ur future . there are many by albert einstien too . 
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