How are autotrophs and heterotrophs interdependent? explain with examples.

Autotrophs are plants that make their own food from sunlight while heterotrophs are animals who need to eat to get energy. Autotrophs need sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to make food (through photosynthesis), uses up the carbon in carbon dioxide, and releases the oxygen. Heterotrophs have to consume autotrophs to get the necessary energy. e.g bacteria, blue green algae, carnivores, omnivores are few examples of both


Autotrophs are organisms which synthesize food on their own like plants. Heterotrophs are organisms which can not synthesize their own food but rather feed on autotrophs like animals and other saprobes. because the autotrophs feed the heterotrophs and the heteretrophs will nourish the plant with its excreta and also are considered to prune them, they are considered interdependant.
Autotrophs are those livings things which can prepare their own foor by the process of photosynthesis just like all green plants and euglena but heterotrophs are those living things which cannot prepare their own food and depends on other organisms for their food 
for eg, man and animal depends on plants for their food so plants are autotrophs and man and animal are heterotrophs..