There is actually not much difference....... during the time of the kings it was monocracy (where only one person rules and is succeced by his bloodline) where as now it is democracy(where the government is formed by the people of the country and can be removed from its position of power if it does not do its duties well). subjects did not have power to remove the king from its throne but citizens have power to remove the government from its position of power.
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In ancient times, the king's position was hereditary and the comman man had nothing to do with it but had to accept whatever the king says, even if it is right or wrong.
Now, in modern times, we have a democratic country and it is the common man who elects the President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister etc. of our country.

To say in short, Before, the Common man was nothing but a common man,
Now, the common man plays a very important role in our country.
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