Artifical sattelite: man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon 
1.Aryabhata launched on 19.04.1975 was the First Indian satellite.

2.Bhaskara-I launched on 07.06.1979 was the First experimental remote sensing satellite.

3.Bhaskara-II launched on 20.11.1981 was the Second experimental remote sensing satellite similar to Bhaskara-1.

4.Ariane Passenger (APPLE)launched on 19.06.1981 was the First experimental communication satellite.

5.Rohini Technology launched on 10.08.1979 was Intended for measuring in-flight performance of first experimental flight of SLV-3,the first Indian launch vehicle.

6.Rohini (RS-1) launched on 18.07.1980 was Used for measuring in-flight performance of second experimental launch of SLV-3.

7.Rohini (RS-D1) launched on 31.05.1981 was Used for conducting some remote sensing technology studies using a landmark sensor payload.

9.Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-1) launched on 24.03.1987,

10.Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-2) launched on 13.07.1988

11.Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-C) launched on 20.05.1992 by third developmental flight of ASLV.

12.Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-C2) launched on 04.05.1994 by fourth developmental flight of ASLV.

13.INSAT-1A launched on 10.04.1982 was the First operational multi-purpose communication and meteorology satellite procured from USA.

14.INSAT-1B launched on 30.08.1983 was Identical to INSAT-1A.

15.INSAT-1C launched on 21.07.1988 was Same as INSAT-1A.

16.INSAT-1D launched on 12.06.1990 is Identical to INSAT-1A.

17.INSAT-2A launched on 10.07.1992 is the First satellite in the second-generation Indian-built INSAT-2 series.

18.INSAT-2B launched on 23.07.1993 is the Second satellite in INSAT-2 series.

19.INSAT-2C launched on 07.12.1995 Has additional capabilities such as mobile satellite service, business communication and television outreach beyond Indian boundaries.

20.INSAT-2D launched on 04.06.1997 is Same as INSAT-2C. Launched by European launch vehicle Arian.

21.INSAT-2DT launched in January 1998 Procured in orbit from ARABSAT

22.INSAT-2E launched on 03.04.1999 is Multipurpose communication & meteorological satellite launched by Ariane.

23.INSAT-3B launched on 22.03.2000 is Multipurpose communication - business communication, developmental communication and mobile communication purpose.

24.GSAT-1 launched on 18.04.2001 is an Experimental Satellite for the first developmental flight of Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV-D1.

25.INSAT-3C launched on 24.01.2002 to augment the existing INSAT capacity for communication and broadcasting, besides providing continuity of the services of INSAT-2C.

26.KALPANA-1 launched on 12.09.2002 ,METSAT was the first exclusive meteorological satellite built by ISRO named after Kalpana Chawla.

27.INSAT-3A launched on 10.04.2003 was the Multipurpose Satellite for communication and broadcasting, besides providing meteorological services along with INSAT-2E and KALPANA-1.

28.GSAT-2 launched on 08.05.2003 was Experimental Satellite for the second developmental test flight of India's Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV

29.INSAT-3E launched on 28.09.2003 is an Exclusive communication satellite to augment the existing INSAT System.

30.EDUSAT launched on 20.09.2004 is India’s first exclusive educational satellite.

31.HAMSAT launched on 05.05.2005 is an Microsatellite for providing satellite based Amateur Radio Services to the national as well as the international community (HAMs).

32.INSAT-4A launched on 22.12.2005 is the most advanced satellite for Direct-to-Home television broadcasting services.

33.INSAT-4C launched on 10.07.2006 is the State-of-the-art communication satellite - could not be placed in orbit.

34.INSAT-4B launched on 12.03.2007 is An identical satellite to INSAT-4A further augment the INSAT capacity for Direct-To-Home (DTH) television services and other communications.

35.INSAT-4CR launched on 02.09.2007 is Designed to provide Direct-To-home (DTH)television services, Video Picture Transmission (VPT) and Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG), identical to INSAT- 4C

36.IRS-1A launched on 17.03.1988 is the First operational remote sensing satellite. Launched by a Russian Vostok.

37.IRS-1B launched on 29.08.1991 is Same as IRS-1A. Launched by a Russian Launch vehicle, Vostok. Still in service.

38.IRS-1E launched on 20.09.1993,Carried remote sensing payloads. Could not be placed in orbit.

39.IRS-P2 launched on 15.10.1994,Carried remote sensing payload. Launched by second developmental flight of PSLV.

40.IRS-1C launched on 28.12.1995 Carries advanced remote sensing cameras.

41.IRS-P3 launched on 21.03.1996 Carries remote sensing payload and an X-ray astronomy payload.

42.IRS-1D launched on 29.09.1997 is Same as IRS-1C. Launched by India's PSLV service. In service.

43.IRS-P4 Oceansat launched on 26.05.1999,Carries an Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) and a Multi-frequency Scanning Microwave Rad

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