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 1. This story tells us about a woman 's pleasure and intention to shoot a tiger. This short masterpiece is written by a very renowned author -- Saki. The story was written at a time when there was a very little awareness about the need to protect the tigers. The story deals with an important character named Mrs. Packeltide whose motive was to kill a tiger for her pleasure. This wasn 't due to her lust to kill but it was created due to her close friend, Mrs. Loona Bimberton. Mrs. Loona Bimberton is another character in the story who has recently shot a tiger and the name and fame she has got due to it had a major impact on Mrs. Packeltide which made her think of shooting a tiger. 
2. As the circumstances seemed favorable, she stared her journey to accomplish her motive. Mrs. Packeltide has offered a thousand rupees for the opportunity to shoot a tiger without any risk. The neighbouring village gets to know about the news and accepts the challenge as it had a large number of tigers in it. The precious amount of a thousand rupees had spread all over the village and the villagers which included women and children cloud be seen working of the challenge of grabbing this amount. As it happens, a very elderly tiger, who is no longer able to chase down it prey for supper, has taken to preying on the village 's domesticated animals, and the villagers would like to get rid of him as much as Mrs. Packletide would like to bag him. 
3. The day had arrived. It was moonlit and cloudless. The villagers had constructed a platform in a leafy tree for Mrs. Packletide, and tether a goat "with a particularly persistent bleat" underneath it was kept as a prey for the tiger. To accomplish this task more safely, Mrs. Packeltide had appointed a paid companion, Miss. Mebbin. Now, Mrs. Packletide, accompanied by her paid companion Louisa, waits through the night for the tiger to appear. At last the tiger is seen making his way into the clearing. Instead of attacking the terrified goat, however, the tiger lies down. "I believe it 's ill," Louisa says, but the tiger rises again and heads for the goat. Mrs. Packletide fires, and the tiger falls. 
4. In a moment, all the natives could be seen excited to see the seen as the tiger was dead. This glad news was carried to the whole village and the thumping of tom-toms could be heard to suit the scene. 
5. But, the story takes a change when Miss. Mebbin finds out that the goat was shot and had a wound while no trace of a bullet or a wound could be found on the tiger. It was later found out that the wrong animal had been hit accidently. The tiger had died due to a heart attack as it was very old and could not bear the sudden bullet shot out of the rifle. Mrs. Packeltide was annoyed at this discovery but at the same time she was convinced that she had shot a tiger and accomplished her motive. The villagers will not give away Mrs. Packletide 's secret for the thousand rupees. Mrs. Packletide assumes she can trust Louisa for the same reason. 
6. The news then spreads as Mrs. Packeltide 's as her picture frame reaches from the Texas Weekly Snapshot to the Novoe Vermaya. But Louisa, who seems to felt herself underpaid and underappreciated for some time, informs Mrs. Packletide that she 'll require a little extra funding to insure that the story doesn 't happen to leak out. Specifically, what Louisa needs is the money to buy a small cottage near Darking. People are very surprised when Louisa, a paid companion, suddenly becomes a homeowner; but they are even more surprised when Mrs. Packletide gives up her newfound hobby, big-game hunting. "The initial expenses are so heavy," she tells those who ask the reason for why she gave up big-game shooting. This is how the story ends.
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