natural geyser on the surface of Earth or water heater fitted in bathrooms or kitchens ?
yaah i gave about the working of natural geysers on the surface of earth.. did u asked about this one or about the geysers fit i bathroom/// as kvn murthy sir said


An electric geyser works on Joule's heating effect..

Basically there is a heating element in the geyser. This is usually a resistor of very high resistance. When there is a flow of current, the element tried to obstruct the force and hence in this process, the electrical energy is converted to heat energy (This is Joule's heating effect). Now when this heating element is dipped in the water tank, water in turn gets heated up...

This is just a brief descrpition
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Geyser is a long narrow, vertical cavity formed in earth crust in the earth crust into which underground water seeps. Here the water column is heated by volcanic heat at where the temperature is above 100C due to the pressure exerted by the water column above. due to the deeper positions, this water is very hot than ground water. therefore bubbles arise and the water pushes up. then the eruption will be started. Due to pressure the water rushes out. thus the geyser continues to spray hot water into air.
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