For my stream selection in class 11, I have decided to take science-I want to study physics but I am confused whether to take biology or computer? Which is more easy or better?

it is better to take as per your aim...if u wish to go to medical field such as MBBS,NURSING,M.PHRM,B.DS ,BIOTECHNOLOGY ETC.after completing 12,then biology science is the best option.if u would like to do the course such as engineering,CA or anything related to technology ,then computer science is the best option...choose ur career with ur interest


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Computer science is very easy when compared to biology. But if you have the Will power to study well, for your confused state of mind, I would suggest you to take bio with maths. Now you will have the choice of joining either medicine or engineering after you finish twelfth grade.
but if you have fixed your mind to study BSc physics, it doesn't really matter if u take bio or computer science . Only if you're in a dilemma between med or Engg choose bio with maths.
The most best part is not easy it is copability at your studies. If you study well at one subject be particular at the same subject and select the subject.
In std 12, focused in result, so decide easy and hard Bilology have require more remember memory to recall each word used,while computer is very easy subject to be provide,