School life is the best stepping stone for our future.the school education provides two mediums of education they are the English medium and Tamil medium. the students are free to choose the medium of education they want to learn in.the importance of elementary education provided in school cannot be ignored.the teachers in school not only teach us the lesson in our text books but also mold our character  try to bring out the in born talents and teach us how to express them out and win in our life.
proper guidance and the help from the teachers paves the way for higher education.
students can identify their strong and weak subjects and choose accordingly...
school education is the best education.
Education is the important one that we require most nowadays. It plays a major role in our life. So education is necessary for our future. The school is the only source that provides education. It is also the best thing that allows childrens to study. The students are free to choose the medium and stream they want to choose. Proper guidance of teachers helps the students to win in their life. The teachers in school would make the students to move in a right path. They are under the correct guidance of teachers. This school education is very important for the following main reasons:
1. It helps to gain knowledge 
2. It helps to improve our capability to do work.
3. It is the only thing that chooses our future whether it is good or bad
   The main important thing is chooses our future career. Thus school education is very important.
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