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To keep a diary regularly day by day is a capital training in methodical habits. Many, having made up their minds to keep a diary, begin writing with great zeal and fluency for a few days, as long as they are carried on by the novelty of the idea: but after a time they get tired of their self-imposed task, and their industry begins to flage. When this happens. the diary gradually becomes scantier and more irregular, until at last weeks and months are allowed to pass without any entry being made.

The best way to avoid this -lame and impotent conclusion,- is to fix a definite time every day for writing the diary, and not to allow oneself to be diverted to anything else at the appointed time. It is also well to restrain our inclination to write at great length at the commencement of the diary, so that we may be less likely to take a distaste to the work, and may be the better able to keep our resolution of making regular entries every day. In this way we shall give due importance in our chronicle to the successive events of our life, and find our diary a source of pleasure and of profit.

When we are writing letters, we often find our ideas fail us. and are unable to think of anything not write about. In such a strait as this. a reference to our diary, if it has well been kept, is sure to suggest something that is likely to interest our friends.