Upon entering the parking lot of my usual pharmacy spot,
something tells me to keep driving to another pharmacy.
So, I drive until my car pulls into a Walgreens.
My Goddaughter is with me along for the ride,
it is 9PM and we have toddler things to buy.

When I reach the checkout is where my story begins..

I'm searching my purse for dollars and change,
only needing a little more to make the exchange.
"I'll be right back" says the lady at the checkout.
When she returns I am confused,
because she's pulling out a debit card.
She says, "I got this" and swipes the card to pay.
Before I even realize what just happened, 
she smiles and begins to say..
"You're buying for the baby.."
"..I'm not letting you go without the items you came to buy."
I looked at her and saw through her supernal eyes.
"You're not human, I think you're Heaven-sent."
"I get that a lot", said the lady as she went.
I was relieved to find cash just in time,
I turned down her offer a total of three times.
I begin to feel her aura, like a supernova it shines.
I reply, " I will pay it forward and help someone else.."
"..who needs the generosity of your heart."
The lady smiles and agrees to my terms as I leave.
I feel tears behind my eyes, ready to burst apart.
By the time I reach the car,
tears are streaming down my face onto the tar.
I just talked to God, 
He is cloaked as this ethereal lady in black.
I have to stop myself from going back.
Never had I experienced a heart so pure,
with an aura that gleams.
That is when I just knew..
God works at Walgreens.