RAM stands for random access memory
It is a temporary memory
ROM stands for Read Only memory.
It is a permanent memory which is able to read and cant able to write.

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ROM is Read Only Memory device.  The data stored in ROM storage is available for reading.  Bu the data inside it cannot be overwritten by an external source through input.  Data can be erased inside ROM through using UV radiation.    Usually the data in ROM contains permanent instructions that are needed to initialize a computer.  ROM retains data in between the power off and power on to the memory.

RAM is a Read and Write memory.  It is called Random Access Memory.  That means that any data at any location within the RAM can be directly fetched using index.  However, ROM is also randomly accessed for reading.

In a RAM the data can be read and as well as new data can be written back.  This is used as the main memory for CPU.  RAM retains data as long as there is power supply to it.

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