On Thursday, the nineteenth of Ramazan, 637 A.H. (April, 1240 A.D.), the Sultan Raziya returned to the capital. Malik Altuniya, who was governor of Tabarhindh, revolted, and some of the high officials on the frontier supported him. On Wednesday, the ninth of the same month and year, she marched with a numerous army toward Tabarhindh to put down these rebels. When she arrived there, she was attacked by the Turks, who put the Abyssinian Amir Jamal-ad-din Yakut to death. They then seized the Sultan Raziya and sent her a prisoner to the fort of Tabarhindh.When Sultan Raziya was taken to Tabarhindh as a captive, Malik Altuniya espoused her cause and led her army toward Delhi to regain possession of the kingdom, whereupon Malik Izz-ad-din Mohammad Salari and Malik Karakash left the capital and went to join them. Meanwhile, Mu’izz-ad-din had ascended the throne, Ikhtiyar-ad-din Itigin, the lord chamberlain, had been slain, and Badr-ad-din Sankar Rumi had been appointed his successor. In the month of Rabi’-al-awwal, 638 A.H. (Sept., 1240 A.D.), the Sultan marched fromPage 109Delhi to repel his opponents, and Sultan Raziya and Malik Altuniya were defeated. When they reached Kaithal in their flight, their remaining forces abandoned them, and they both fell into the hands of the Hindus and were killed. The date of this defeat was the twenty-fourth of Rabi’-al-awwal, 638 A.H. (Oct. 13, 1240 A.D.), and the Sultan Raziya was killed on the day following, after a reign of three years and six days.
The raziya sultan the successor of Iltutmish was murdered in 1240 because of that turks dont want a girl to be on mughal empire and she was very efficient and farsighted so she was murdered by the turkish