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General purpose Software :

    This is the software that is applicable and useful to a wide variety of users.  This software is available for all kinds of computers on small or big size computers, either scientific or non-scientific personal computers.

    General purpose software is usually readily available in the software shops, or online.  They may be free or charged/licensed.  General purpose software have a lot of features and functions so that a wide variety of consumers are benefited.

   Usually these general purpose softwares are designed, developed and tested on many platforms and so very few bugs will be present on the softwares.  These softwares have many online discussion forums available on internet for support.  They could also have many books, online guides etc. for help.

   Personal information keeper software, spread sheet software, word processor (editor) software, graphics and drawing software, presentation software are some types of general purpose softwares.

   Examples are MS word, Star office, MS office, paint, powerpoint etc.

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General-purpose application software provides many features that people use regularly, such as italicizing text in a word-processing application or adding a column of numbers in a spreadsheet application. To appeal to a wide range of users, this type of software also offers specialized features that few people use, such as automatic indexing or financial functions.Besides word processors and spreadsheets, another type of general-purpose application is a database, which stores and tracks records of information. Presentation software is used to create and display electronic slide shows. People use desktop publishing software to design and produce documents that integrate text and graphics, such as brochures and flyers. Content access applications allow users to access digital content, such as music, photos and videos.General-purpose applications are sometimes bundled together in a package called a suite. An office suite, for example, includes applications an office worker is likely to use. A graphics suite provides applications for creating and editing different types of graphics and animations.