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     A  Talk show is a discussion on a topic by some persons from different backgrounds or groups, hosted or anchored by a host.   It is not an essay.  In our case, we have host Narayan anchoring, coordinating, arbitrating, and summarizing the talk show.  Some times the sudience are also invited to participate, and ask questions too.

                      My Pencil:  A  Talk  Show

Narayan:   Welcome to all of you, Ram, Nihita, Rohit, Puja.  Today we will discuss the pencils.  I wish that you express your opinions about the pencil.  Mr Rohit, I request you to start the show.

Rohit:   Good evening to all of you.  My pencil is the handiest thing that I have with me.  I love my pencil.  It is so thin, soft and yet so firm.  I write my notes and do my home work with it.  I write my exams with my favourite pencil.  It is a gift from my father.  I have been using the same brand for the last so many years.

     These Pencil marks are resistant to moisture, chemicals and natural aging over centuries.   We also get some grease (wax-like) pencils, charcoal pencils.  The word Pencil has origin from the word “pincel” in French. 
         I always use a simple eraser, sharpener and a pencil cap to keep the graphite lead from getting damaged.  Do you know that the pencil is our best way of expression?  I sketch some scenes when I have free time and I feel so happy after completion.
Narayan:  Thanks Rohit. That was very nice of you.  It is good that you feel nice about the pencil.  Lets turn to Nihita.  Nihita, what do you feel about the pencil ?

Nihita:   Good day to all of you and to the listeners (audience).  I also feel very nice about my pencil.  I have a favourite brand pencil.  I use the HB1 and B1 pencil of  "Victory" brand.  I like the thickness, life span and quality of the pencils.

      I hold the pencil firmly but not so much that I pain my fingers.  I let the pencil move smoothly on the paper without pressing too much on the paper.  I get food marks when I use my pencils.  So I love them.  I don't give my pencils to any one and keep them safely in the pencil box in the bag.

      I want to share some information.  Our modern type of pencil was made in England,Germany, France and Austria in the 18th century.  Americans also made pencils in the 18th century.

Narayan:    That is good, Miss Nihita. Thank you.  Well, I agree that we need to treat our pencils carefully and keep them in the box nicely.  Now I would like that Puja says some of her views.

Puja:  When I draw pictures with black pencil, they come out nicely.  I use different shades of black color with different grades of pencils available.  I use color pencils also.  They look so good on white paper when multiple contrasting colors appear on pure white background. 
     Some times some boys and girls put the other end of pencils in the mouth, try to over write two times, darken too much to hide some thing,  and try to erase a line on the paper with their fingers.  I don't like that.  I wish they learn some manners and learn the proper way to do what is required.

Narayan:  Well, that is a good point, Puja.  I will say that boys and girls learn the proper way of using pencils.  It is also to be noted that the graphite lead contains some chemicals (like lead) in it.  That is not very healthy.  We should not put pencils in mouth and we would wash our hands after using a pencil.

           Now let us hear what views Ram likes to express.

Ram:  Well said all of you. Good day!  I always keep two or more pencils with me, to avoid having to sharpen it during the class or exams.  I like to write clean and keep my notes clean and neat.  I note that some boys and girls sketch or scratch on the corners of note books.  That is not a good practice.

     I like to write all the letters uniformly with the same pressure on the paper.  I write a lot on books.  Nowadays people use too much of gadgets, computers, mobiles etc. and have stopped using the pencil and note book.  But, I always like to use my pencil to write, draw, plan etc.  That allows me to do what I like in the way I want.  I keep a pencil and a small diary with me to write down important points as they strike me.

Narayan:  That was good Mr Ram.  So in conclusion I say that the polygon shaped simple article, pencil, is so important in our life.  It is so cute.  It may not cost much.  But it is not good to treat it cheaply.

      Nowadays, pencils come with an eraser attached. But the quality of those erases is not so good.   Pencils of different varieties like different colors, blackness grades, shine, wax like grease pencils etc. are available.

       I thank all of you and the listeners to have come to the talk show and to have enlightened everyone about the Pencil.

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