Once there was a big pool near a village. The villagers used the water of the pool for drinking and for other purposes also. The pool was abounded with fish.

Once a fisherman went fishing to the pool. He cast his net into the pool and sat down. But he was very impatient. So, he tied a long string to a small stone. Then putting it into the pool, he began to stir the water to drive more fish into his net.

A villager saw him do so and asked him not to make the water muddy. But the fisherman didn't listen to him and went on beating the water and making it dirty. So, the villagers brought some companions armed with weapons. Seeing them, the fisherman got scared. He drew out his stone and apologized."

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Their was once a King who loved hunting, he killed three or four animals every day. As a result, the animal population became less, the king of jungle, Salwa, a lion who could speak was very angry as he would not get any animal as prey. So, he decided to teach the King a lesson, he gathered all animals and they decided to attack the King when he came the next day in jungle for hunting. When the King looked for an animal, a deer poked its head out of the bushes, and the King followed it, not knowing that he was going in a trap made by Salwa. OOPPS..... he fell into the trap, Salwa said-"Do you want to be killed?". The King replied-"What have i done?". Salwa-"What had the animals done to you?" The King realised his mistake and begged Salwa to leave him. Salwa was kind, he let him go. The King got his lesson - "Live, and let live", and never hunted any more.
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