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Water is the only source for bathing,cooking and drinking and more Only 1 percent is for drinking and if we pollute that also then what can be done We waste lots of water why can't we save atleast 1 percent of water mean 1 litre a day Drink lots of water but don't waste it Use even 10 litre but don't waste 1 litre also Some don't get 1 litre also So we have to be very honest in water If it also a unwanted water, that's fine, give to someone in need but don't waste that.
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Hey actually he is asking for points to save water
That's fine I am just telling
Water it is a natural resource . we should not waste it as less than 1% water is present on earth for drinking purpose . if we keep on wasting it our future generation will be in a great problem . the steps to be taken are as follows 1.We should close tap if not in use . 2.We should not throw waste in water. 3.We should use it in a proper planned manner 4.We should use RO's to clean dirty water by which we can also use salty or marine water. 5.We should use it efficiently as it is essential for life.
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