Farts are also called flatus or intestinal gas.
farts are made up of gas.when u eat food u not only swallow the food but also some gas like O2 and N2 these gases moves onto the digestive system and digest the food! other gases like H2 , CO2 and CH4 are produced when food is broken down in the small intestine all these gases has to somehow escape from the digestive system so they come out as fart!!!!!

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FARTS are also called as flatus or intestinal gas-is made up of gas.
when you swallow food,u swallow air also along with it.the air consists of gases such as nitrogen,oxygen,etc....,some of these gases travel through digestive system when u digest ur food.other gases like H2,CO2,CH4 are made when food is broken in large intestine.all these gases in digestive system have to escape,they come out as FARTS!
some farts may also give bad smell due to some gases.
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