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       Science has its originations from curiosity of the human being.  It was and is the sincere effort to solve problems to achieve some thing practical that is useful to the mankind.

     Science has developed due to many corporations that want to make products and property rights and market them to make profits.  Most of science progresses due to funding or scholarships with an intention.

   However, there is important social function for all sciences.  That is to improve the standard of living of people, to reduce the difficulties faced by people in the society, to prevent people and property from various natural calamities and disasters, provide a path to the society to develop continuously, to enable people to communicate in a harmonious way with other societies and to allow people of various countries to cooperate with each other, rather than fighting.

    When we science, it means all mathematical, engineering, biological, medical, physical, chemistry, agricultural, pharmaceutical sciences etc.  Even humanities have been extended with a lot of contributions from various sciences.  There are newer fields too.

     Science and those who are the scientific profession, have a responsibility to sort the problems like pollution, traffic, rural evacuation and migration to urban areas, literacy, basic amenities like clean drinking water availability, power supply to the farmers and industries.  Science must enable people to think about hygiene and diet and cleanliness.

     Science however, is mostly utilized in making attractive and expensive products and marketing them to people.  Science has probably changed its direction to provide advanced gadgets, products for the rich, destructive products like bombs and poisons.  Science has been utilized a lot in the wars spending a lot of money, which otherwise could help the society to live better.

     Science and scientific community which has capabilities to do big things have gone out of the country to work with other countries.  That is one reason why Indian scientific community probably does not advance quickly in solving local problems.  Instead of  inventing and making products suitable to our people's culture, needs, and environment, we are adapting ourselves to those products meant for other societies and countries.  We are forcing people of the lower classes also to change themselves.  The scenario is changing too fast.

     We must have a national level or state level science mission to identify the social responsibilities, tasks, requirements, expectations of science, at the present time for the people of present India.  The children and youth must be educated on these.  The awareness and opportunities provided by these fields will probably allow many scientist and engineer experts to provide the people of India what they need in the way people benefit for a long time.

    Even in today's world, many people of India have many superstitions.  There is a lot of misconception and a lot of ignorance.  Science has lot of awareness task as one of its roles and responsibilities.

    There are probably many areas in which science is unable to help the poor, lower class people or middle class people due to various reasons.  That is the major part of India's population.  Science is not resulting in increased productivity of the country over the years.  India seems to be going lower among other countries in many fields and areas.  The gaps must be identified and  corrective actions must be taken soon.

      In whatever science delivers, it should be environment friendly, eco-friendly, less polluting, long lasting, improvable, accessible to all people, and have continuity of development on the previous works done by earlier scientists.   One important moral or point that all engineers and scientists in India must remember is that they become highly qualified with the money, and resources coming from the people's pockets.  So there is a sure duty of each scientist to contribute some thing to the society of India, in the way that the society benefits.

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