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Mention the uses of trees like -paper
                                            -wood as fuel
                                            -herbal uses
                                            -oxygen for survival
                                            -timber for construction
                                             -fruits for food
                                              -shade and shelter
and then the ways we can protect them like-plant more trees
                                                                -use paper wisely
                                                                -recycle them in your own way
                                                              -donate books instead of throwing them
(you can use these points to create a diary entry)
Date : 24-4-15
day : friday
time : 10 pm

plants give us shelter, food, oxygen to breath and for so many. now a days forests are existing for our uses. after some days there will be no food, oxygen due to lack of trees.without trees we can't live. so we should protect trees. today i a boy cutting a tree on the road side. i stoped him by telling importance of trees. this is my great job i did

(you can wright their uses and importance)(this is only a model)(you can add matter to it)                                   
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