Neeraja bought a radio of 20% discount and sold it for rs.468 which is 4% more than the marked price what is the cost price of the radio?

cost price of the radio for Neeraja.
what is the correct answer! plz tell me
Rs 360.. cost price = 80% marked price after discount 20%. you wrote the other way round..


Let marked price = 100
so, cost price = 80
selling price = 104
selling price = 104 then cost price = 80
so, when selling price = 468 then cost price = 80/104*468=Rs.360.

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plz tell me,what is wrong in my answer! cost prize should be 562.5

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We don't know the original cost of the radio.  It is labeled at a marked price in the shop.  Instead of asking for the cost price of the radio,  the question should be at which price Neeraja bought the radio.

Marked price = MP
Neeraja bought it for  20% discount on the MP.  
  cost price of radio for Neeraja = (100 - 20)% of MP = 0.80 MP
    This is the selling price too at the shop.
  Neeraja sold it for Rs 468  =  MP + 4% MP = 1.04 MP

        MP = Rs 468 / 1.04 = Rs 450
  Cost price at which Neeraja bought it = 0.80 * Rs 450 = Rs 360

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