FORCE=41.6875*10-11 N
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both M1 AND M2 are same so by formula
we can getf=G*M1*M2/r2
so m1 and m2 are the same number
yes because M2 is not given
ok thank you

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The question is that there are two masses m₁ and m₂  kept at a distance of r meters from each other.  Then to find the force of attraction between the two masses.

Newtons' law of gravitation says that Force
F = G\frac{m_1 m_2}{ r^2},\ \ \ where\ G=6.67*10^{-11}\ N-m^2/kg^2

We need to know the value of  m2 also to find the force.  Substitute the values in the given expression to find the answer.

 F=6.67*10^{-11}*\frac{50*m_2}{20^2} Newtons\\\\.\ \ = 8.3375 * 10^{-12} * m_2\ Newtons

The force depends on the value of mass of the second body.  If the mass m₂ = 50 kg also,  then the force = 4.16875 * 10⁻¹° Newtons.

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